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Where Can I Watch Real Homemade Sex Movies?

The internet is admittedly saturated with all sorts of porn videos. So much so that almost every fetish has its own site. However, the problem with this is that so much of this porn looks so manufactured.

Porn companies have one goal – to make people watch their videos. Back then this meant that every aspect of the shoot had to be meticulously planned. They had to hire the hottest porn actors and actresses, the lighting needs to be just right, and every shot should feature the best angles of doing the dirty.

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While big budget porn films look great, there’s just something so sexy and carnal about watching real homemade sex movies. In these amateur videos, the participants are just going at it with wild abandon. The HD lights are traded in for a crappy fluorescent bulb. A messy dorm room replaces the pristine hotel room. Any romantic music gets replaced by ambient sounds. But what amateur videos lack in professionality, they more than make up for with passion and realism. It’s literally two people just going at it to achieve pleasure, and you just happen to be there for the ride.

Real homemade sex movies can be hard to find. However, there are a few resources that might just give you that amateur fix you need.

The minute you open this site, you’ll be greeted by that real homemade feel. It’s a simple site that’s nowhere near as organized as PornHub. However, you can be sure that every single video you’ll see here is 100% homemade. This is evidenced by the lack of production value. The lighting and sound may be a little off, and the angles might not be the least bit flattering. However, if realism and passion are what you’re after, you’ll find it all at


There’s just no escaping one of the world’s biggest porn sites. Pornhub gives you the convenience of high-quality search algorithms paired with literally thousands of videos for almost every niche. When you search for videos labeled “real homemade porn,” you’re very likely to find genuinely homemade videos. So why bother with sketchy sites that might give your computer a virus when PornHub is there catering to your every need?

r/homemadexxx on Reddit

Reddit is one resource you should never neglect when looking for quality porn videos. The subreddit r/homemadexxx features the internet’s best-kept homemade porn secrets. In this subreddit, you’ll find a multitude of porn videos of varying lengths, qualities, and scenes. And if you’re in doubt about whether a video is good or not, sort the entries by “Top, All Time” and you’re sure to find the video that users enjoyed the most.

 r/funwithfriends on Reddit

Admittedly, this subreddit has only half the number of subscribers as r/homemadexxx. The great thing about this subreddit, though is that not all the videos feature hardcore sex acts. There are a few really hardcore videos in this sub, but many tend to be short, teasing videos. Not all of us want the full shebang when it comes to porn. Some like a little tease here and there, and this is the subreddit for exactly that.

With so many manufactured porn videos made by big-name porn production companies, it’s refreshing to watch some homemade videos of people just having fun. Soon enough, the homemade porn niche will grow, and you’ll have more videos to check out!