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There are two cities that come to mind when you think about trans women – Manila and Bangkok. The latter is easier to find a TS date in. It has the biggest, most empowered, and most vibrant trans community in the world.

Bangkok ladyboys popularize the community by organizing dance shows, cabaret, and other entertainment. It’s unavoidable to mention that prostitution is a major factor as well. Western tourists posting pictures online of ladyboys in Bangkok make a big contribution to their popularity. Ladyboy dating is something many tourists are interested in. It is believed as many as 75% of foreign travelers have had a ladyboy experience in the Thai capital.

If you’re interested in Bangkok TS dating, you definitely don’t need to prowl the streets, although nobody can stop you from doing that. You can meet trans anywhere – on the subway, in the mall, or in a café. They work in offices, stores, and other public places just like heterosexual locals.

A Unique Place to Meet TS

Recently, a one-of-a-kind gym opened in Bangkok: the aptly named Transfit, which is owned and staffed exclusively by transgender men. In an interview with Mashable, the young owner said he opened the place in the hope of sharing his sports experience with other people who were born female. He is acutely aware of the fact that regular gyms can make some transgender men feel awkward because they become the center of attention, which they do not intend to be. Transfit doesn’t have many patrons at the moment because they offer mostly private training sessions, but that’s changing, and more gyms will open soon.

Online Platforms

One great place to meet single TS in Bangkok is via the site My Ladyboy Date. There are no prostitutes on this site. All the ladyboys on here are looking for a serious relationship. According to the owners of My Ladyboy Date, their trans members want one thing and one thing only: to find a nice person who will love and respect them and to give this person the same in return.