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So you want to be a webcam model! You’re actually in better company than you think. Webcamming, like so much else about sex in the 21st century, has been brought all the way out of the closet and become just something that people do when they’re young and in college.

It doesn’t even necessarily involve sex, nor is it only open to biological females. A webcammer is simply somebody who gives streaming video performances over the Internet in exchange for money, goods, or attention. It is 100% legal in most of the world, it is free of the possibility of anybody being hurt, and really should be recognized as a respectable hobby or career.

But you’re probably here for the traditional definition of webcamming: an erotic model. In brief, the steps are pretty basic:

  • Pick a hosting site. Plenty to choose from, do your homework and pick the platform that pays its models with the least amount of drama.
  • Set up your home studio. That can be you and your laptop, your bed, a room where you perform, or a little stage setup.
  • Set up your profile with as much description of what you do as possible, with tags and a unique, Google-able user nick. This will be your “stage name,” the brand under which you perform.
  • Get an Amazon wishlist. This helps with those who are uncomfortable dealing in strict money. Be sure the address goes to a harmless P.O. Box.

Your next step is going to involve building up your brand. This is what makes you a great performer, what you have to offer as opposed to the legions of other cammers out there.

  • Define right away what you WILL NOT do. These are your hard limits. It can involve things like never showing your face.
  • By all means, if you have a special niche interest, use it! You can be the one cammer who talks about golden showers, or who cosplays as Magic: the Gathering planeswalkers, or who gives ASMR (look it up, it’s a thing!) performances in a sandbox set to Vaporwave music. Niches = fewer competitors.
  • You can offer personal time as well. You can just sit and chat with people. Many cammers discover that what most of their clients seek is actually just a virtual friend! Go ahead, help them with their homework. Whatever your hook is, that’s the extra value you add.
  • Grant customers’ requests within bounds of reason. This encourages them to tip more.

And the final step is to reach out and promote yourself on social media. Sadly, your options on the mainstream platforms are limited here; Facebook is notoriously anti-adult-industry, Twitter is iffy on it, Tumblr swings from “Amsterdam red light district” to sudden purges, and Instagram is a racket that wants “influencers” it can shake down.

Good places to promote your cam career:

  • Reddit – Go here first, introduce yourself on GoneWild, and rake in the clients.
  • Fetlife – It’s the Facebook of the adult industry.
  • EroMe and EroProfile – Hosts video clips and images.
  • PornHub or equivalent – Even if it’s not your host of choice, tossing a couple video clips on here along with your home base link will bring you traffic.

Have fun, and good luck! We’re lucky to live in the heyday of the overnight online video star, and it’s high time we all embraced it!